We are your spokesperson to the talent world.

Lets accept it, leadership hiring is a complex process with the search firm providing the anchorage- It represents your brand in the talent world. Whatever be the conditions of the talent market, there's a war out there & every successful leader is in the 'must have' list of several companies.

When leaders think about the kinds of organizations that have the most to offer them, the ones with the clearest, strongest & most positive employment brand image come first to mind.

So, is your brand at the top of potential candidate's recall list ? Why should they consider you as against some other? How do you ensure you're able to get the leadership cream to look favorably at you ? The fact is that any elusive 'passive candidate' is interviewing your company even before he lets you consider himself a candidate for the job. Often, the best careers (just like products) need to be branded, marketed & sold. Clearly, the stronger this image, the better the company's ability to find & retain quality candidates to meet its employment needs. Empirical evidence suggests that an effective representation of the company's brand and total compensation rewards have a wonderful symbiotic relationship- the more effective the brand, the greater perceived value of any given reward component within (or consistent with) that brand. So, coupled with the organization's objective to maximize equity by attracting the best leadership talent,  as an employer it is extremely important to relay the right message to the talent community.  One   of  the   key   success   defining   characteristics   of   a champion executive search partner is that they have an amazing ability to deliver that message consistently.
We believe that we do that job well. We help you create a multifaceted & highly visible picture of all the reasons why your organization is a great place to work & make sure to highlight a clear value proposition in the job- both put together answer the question: "why work here"? We create an authentic pitch which truly represents our client & take great care not to misrepresent or over-sell the organization & avoid those pitfalls that may arise later as a result of overselling.

This effective representation presents competitive advantages to the 'employer brand' than just the overriding objective of getting the job filled. However, this requires professionals with depth & not just flair; professionals who understand that client positioning is a serious piece of work where rules are never well defined as each hiring situation & client is different from the other & cannot be standardized.

As we know, nothing is more important for the sustainable competitive advantage of our clients than the ability to continually attract, recruit, and retain top employees.