Because our approach for Cross Border Assignments is integrated, you'd never have to repeat things twice !

The successful and timely execution of complex global assignments, whether the search is local, regional or global in scope or simply that there are multiple searches to be executed concurrently across different countries – hinges on highly sophisticated search strategy, market coverage & execution.

Our firm has the expertise and talent to provide invaluable assistance to our clients in formulating and executing such strategies as well as providing sound hiring advice. Our network is both broad and deep, making us uniquely qualified to help our clients get access to global talent; evaluate and establish businesses in new markets; or simply have access to our global talent pool. We have developed a superior command of all aspects of such hirings; we're able to anticipate and assist in navigating the complexities and issues with confidence and precision.

As a matter of fact, International assignments form the core of our service offerings, so much so that over 85 % of the mandates we close every year are 'non single market' mandates, we are known for our work across multiple countries. Our firm offers unique coverage across North America, Europe, CEEMEA, India, South Asia & the Pacific from our offices across the globe. This international network combines the reach of a global firm, with the knowledge of a regional market specialist providing unrivaled coverage opportunities.
We're not buttoned down by inter office processes, legacy protocols & extra layers of coordination, if you've worked with any of our competitors, you know what we're referring to.

Our global reach is characterized by five complementary factors:
• A strong world presence of specialists in every domain
• Accumulated experience of working cross border; several decades      worth of learnings.
• Detailed local knowledge
• In-depth, industry-specific knowledge
• Fully immersed in emerging market hirings where our consultants have established a strong network of top tier candidates.

Our significant experience in integrating the international, regional, and local aspects of executive search enables us to introduce or further develop local best-practices, and thereby we evolve.