It's our business to understand yours.

We have our finger on the pulse of the ever changing leadership talent landscape. Our industry specificity makes us capable of developing assessment tools & methodologies to align executive slates with our client's culture & value systems. Our consultants have the depth of experience in these areas & that enables us to provide clients with the focus required to instill confidence; our breadth gives us the leverage to approach each search with flexibility & without bandwidth limitations.

Here's where we're experts:

The last 10 years have seen more change in the way people communicate & businesses operate than ever before. In an boundless industry with insatiable markets where market leadership gets constantly redefined every few years, getting to the top & staying there requires leaders who can provide a visionary thinking, thought leadership, innovation & the ability to anticipate emerging trends & market conditions.

We possess a solid track record of appointing talent at global technology firms & start ups alike & have a 'one call' access to top talent in the industry. Through our globally spread out teams, we serve hardware & software vendors, system integrators, service providers, mobility, security & other technology firms. We have been instrumental in building leadership teams for some of the largest Offshore focussed, geographically spread out Technology Services organizations. So whether it is Palo Alto, California or Bangalore, India- we have it all covered.

Consulting & Professional Services:

For Consulting & Services organizations, human capital is the most important source of competitive advantage. The basic pillars of any such organization are the leaders with the right experience & competencies who can deliver value. Our practitioners have deep rooted expertise & relationships in this broad industry having appointed hundreds of senior leaders across businesses such as Strategy & Operations Consulting, Accounting & Tax, BPO, Information & Business advisory firms, Law firms & the likes. We consistently serve privately held, publicly listed & private equity backed clients in these areas executing search assignments for partners, domain experts, business development leaders, corporate officers & service delivery executives.

Private Equity:

Ours is a dedicated coverage group focussing on the leadership challenges being faced by this industry at a time when there is scarcity of deal financing, less strong exit routes in a volatile business environment & general investor impatience. We work with a broad range of private equity & venture capital firms that range from early stage investors to mid market buy ins or leveraged buy outs. We also have extensive experience appointing leaders for the portfolio companies of these funds including evaluating portfolio company leadership teams & the desired organizational culture. We've done this in most major geographic markets in the clean tech & sustainability, healthcare, technology & natural resources sectors.

Life Sciences & Pharma:

Life Science & Pharma companies are constantly evolving themselves in the face of market determined & regulatory pressures. The risk of innovation & new drug discovery lagging behind peers lurks large for many; this rapidly evolving science coupled with payor standards is causing diminishing returns on research investments in mature markets while government imposed price & volume restrictions limits returns in emerging markets. The medical device industry has seen an increase in total shareholder value but increasing regulatory pressure as well. For a majority of our clients, all these changes imply hiring highly specialized talent including leaders who can make tough decisions when the rules of the business are changing at a dynamic pace. We continue to deliver on such mandates, covering all leadership positions and roles.


In the Energy business, continued industry consolidation, business globalization with increased demand from emerging markets, new sources including their viability; all of this requires corporations to be proactive. Commodity price volatility is at the highest in decades; government deregulation and asset privatization in several markets are all key factors making or breaking companies in this dynamic business. Whether upstream or downstream, exploration or refining, we've worked with leading companies in getting them top talent. Our core strength is in the area of 'scare skills'. We have been successful in globally appointing leaders in this business & have some of the closest access to the Energy business leaders in Calgary, Alberta & Dallas, Texas the hubs of energy business in North America.