Executive Search: Helping you make better hiring decisions

Several years ago, in the early part of the previous decade, we were founded with a rebellious spirit & a lofty yet simple objective: To hire the best leadership talent for clients in one of the fastest cycle times in the industry. From the first few searches when we began to the years that followed, we stuck on to that humble objective, waking up every day thinking of ways to be better. And before we knew it, we had become an agonizing thorn in the side of our traditional, rather obstinate competitors. As a disclosure, most of us previously did work in one or the other such firms but by the time we quit, we had learnt how not to complicate things!

Over the years, with a significant 'battle- hardened confidence', we've come to be in a league of our own - large enough to have the knowledge, collective wisdom & wide ranging expertise to execute leadership assignments internationally; but not too big to not care for every single client & candidate.

Besides, here's what makes us different:

We don't claim to be Revolutionary; We simply put a premium on delivering results


We take accountability seriously. For us, an 85% assignment completion rate is as embarrassing as 95%. We have never settled for anything less than every mandate delivered, period.

And yes- building relationships, we "get it".


We are not another high ego, glory seeking headhunter & will not get into the grand delusion of selling 'end to end capabilities in everything' to you. Instead, hiring top talent is all we do & do that better than others.

Also, we don't find short cuts or take it easy.


Our clients consider us an authority on leadership talent counsel for our work is not without substance, our recommendations on every search are backed by most extensive research & insights, they've experienced it. We're not in the gambling business trying our luck.

Of course, our Generals are the troops that you get on every search from start to finish.


search from start to finish. Few, if any of our competitors can honestly claim this.

We are honest, period.

Unlike a product which can be an instant hit, in the services business, it takes years to build professional 'credibility'; we are brutally honest & comply with the highest professional standards set for ourselves. Talk to us & you'll know what we mean.

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