We can write a book and patent our battle-tested, 'pit crew' methodology

It is not really as much about a 'pioneering concept' as to a simple change brought about to a process resulting in a huge impact & yes, leadership hiring is still a process. Being the car racing enthusiasts that a few consultants in our team are, the following idea hit them while watching a race at the Circuit da Monaco in Monte Carlo a few years ago.

The pit crew of today are the ones behind the success of every racing car & its driver. They represent optimum speed, precise timing and meticulous attention to detail. This pit crew concept has immediate relevance to corporate management & in particular- concurrent multiple leadership hiring management. We strongly believe that those same benefits can be driven right onto the hiring environment, giving the client a competitive process flow advantage that's hard to beat. After all, working faster and smarter don’t have to be mutually exclusive. With this in mind, we built a "Plan for Hiring Excellence," where we've harnessed a pit crew analogy (The Redileon Pit Crew MethodSM) to demonstrate and facilitate successful Critical to Success, Leadership hiring improvements for several of our clients. The innovative idea has repeatedly proven itself by turning in outstanding performances at all multiple mandate scenarios our firm has undertaken in the past 2 years. Each of our intervention groups associated with such client hiring scenarios typically operate as a three- person 'crew', with specifically pre-assigned tasks in the entire value chain of leadership hirings.
We have gone further to evolve multiple crew providers for the same client, they could be adapted to focus on a limited number of sub objectives, and limit the confusion that occurs when everyone is trying to do everything. This results in streamlining sometimes high-complexity but tactical operations and processes. By strict assignment of tasks done through parallel work paths, outcomes are improved and objectives accomplished in areas such as preliminary research, data mining, candidate access up until the preliminary reach out phase. Post that phase, the consultant alignment activity takes over on an individual 'high touch' manner. Of course, every operational environment requires adjustment of the model, including use of more flexible parameters, if indicated.

With this model, we've seen drastic results over time- over 50% reduction in lead estimate completion times for mandates in several cases, not to forget a significantly improved consultant's productivity- all without any additional cost to the client or outlays from our end !