We have a simple taste- to deliver the very best.

And just about how do we do that?

Even before Web 2.0, we had the original 'social network'. While ours does not have 500 Mil people in it, we've got the leadership talent covered pretty well. Every single day for the past ten years, we have career counseled thousands of leaders, we don't just have connections into them, they know us well & count on us for valuable advice. We've painstakingly built this professional credibility & make every effort to enhance it, one leader at a time. No 'tricks in the bag' stuff, just a recipe with a 'no secret' blend of building relationships.

Is that all for Candidate Identification?

Oh no, our network only gives us the edge. Post the essential step of opportunity profiling- where we base & set the search parameters together with you (we simply don't work on job descriptions); we get to the actual work of identification. Extensive research is the 'software' of our firm & it determines our ability to target candidates, their quality, yield and speed of the search. We have the most potent direct search strategies to identify & map targeted talent. We revel in the opportunity to explore and research newer markets, finding the right leadership talent. Our researchers are trained even for the most obscure but crucial talent acquisition skills sets in order to find the perfect candidate. We do our homework well enough to come back to you with authoritative counsels on the market yield, skills set & other concomitant factors relevant to the search.

Fair enough. We know the potentials, how do we manage to convince & convert them to active candidates for the search?

There's more to a position than what's on the posting, and there's more to our pitch than the narrative- We get your message out in the most formidable manner; the secret is in our ability to craft compelling value propositions which are specific to every search. We believe that ability to translate clients' needs into the language and goals of the people it seeks to recruit is an art in itself. Taking the time to understand and effectively reflect your firm, your message, your values and strategies not only helps us win over candidates, but hones in on the people most able to share your vision and carry your banner forward. We know what appeals to AAA talent, whether they're actively looking for a change or not, we make them see the value in talking to you.

And how do we know these are the 'right' candidates?

Fundamental to the evaluation of the capabilities of any individual is the time-tested observation that past performance is the best predictor of future performance. Determining past performance and readiness to repeat that performance is part of what makes evaluation of people so fascinating. This determination is both an ART and SCIENCE- left brain & right brain impressions & they need to be in agreement to have a high probability of selecting the right candidate; Science of deploying strong candidate assessment skills, skillful use of a number of tools & disciplines and the art of understanding the nuances of the client organization & blending a new personality into that organization. Our right brain activity includes being creative by bringing out new ideas to every search, looking beyond the usual field of candidate access pool, sensitivity to understand your culture & the candidate's personality, intuition that helps us sense that crucial fitment & judgement which is a product of all other skills put together. If everything about a candidate looks good on paper (science) and you don't feel right about it (art), then something is still wrong. Without science, our performance will lack substance, without the art, it may still not yield good fits.

The end ? Not yet.

The last step of the process should be simple, right? Everyone's interested, and it's just a matter of ironing out the details. No, it's more complicated than it looks. Unfortunately, it's all too common for a great opportunity to fall apart at this stage & requires the most effective 'anchorage' at both ends. We 'handhold' this stage with utmost care & caution- ensure complete transparency & an unbiased counsel. Most often than not, we've been complemented for "taking the edge off a delicate situation". We make sure that prepare you well for the wedding & a lasting marriage !